in cyber in-cybercom in-cyber

i ncyber in-cybercom in-cyber By visiting i ncyber in-cybercom in-cyber you agree to its Terms of Service and Conditions and is subject to change at any time. i ncyber in-cybercom in-cyber Certain rules may not be enforced unless reported. If you feel a poster has broken a rule, report it. All ban durations are the default suggested ban duration, however enforcement is subject to the moderator and may be shortened or lengthened depending on the severity of the rule breaking.

Forum Rules
1. No disrespecting staff , management or user ( Banned Permanent )
2. No replying to threads with images (without any on-topic text) unless it is in an image thread in general (Infraction) ( Banned 3 days )
3. No flaming and scamming ( Banned 3 days )
4. No advertising , inviting , promotion ( Banned 7 days )
5. No bumping threads ( Banned 3 days )
6. No inappropriate images ( Banned Permanent )
7. No posting of personal information ( Banned Permanent )
8. No creating threads in the wrong section ( Banned 2 days )
9. No directly posting pirated/infringing material ( example : , , etc ) ( Banned 7 days )
10. Forbidden to post the contents of a credit card or relating to carding! ( Banned Permanent )

Uploading Rules
1. No posting fake virus scans ( Banned Permanent )
2. Must include a virus scan in each post ( Banned 3 days )
3. No uploading files without including a screenshot of the hack/file when applicable ( Banned 3 days )

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